Your car won’t crank, and you are late for work. You pop the hood and see corrosion on your car’s battery. Instead of making arrangements to take it to a pricey auto shop of dealership, look in your pantry. You have the tool to clean it and get back on the road. All you need is a can of Coca-Cola. It is more than just cool beverage on a hot summer’s day, Coke has dozens of uses for your everyday life.

“In Florida, Coke is a miraculous concoction that helps when you are in a bind with your car,” said Tangela Smith. “I don’t have the first clue about cars, but one thing my dad taught me was to check for corrosion first, if I have any car trouble,” said Smith.

The whole process takes 30 seconds. Take a can of Coke and pour it on the corroded terminals. Take a toothbrush and scrub around the terminals until they are clean. Lastly, rinse your battery off with warm water. Wait a few minutes, and then crank your car up and be on your way.

If your battery terminals corrode easily and find yourself using the Coke method often, you may want to take it to a shop to get it checked out. Though, if you only need to do it every once in a while, this method will save you time and money.