Alicia Pryor

Curbing Teen Violence in Jacksonville

About Me


“There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” That quote by Nelson Mandela is why I’m doing everything I can to reach my fullest potential.

My name is Tywanna Pryor, but everyone calls me Alicia, due to my mom having the same name. Right now I am the 11PM producer at the CBS affiliate in Jacksonville, Florida. I’m also currently pursing my Master’s in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University.

It took nothing but hard work and a strong drive to get where I am. I attended college in Jacksonville for my undergrad degree and fell in love with the city and met some of my best friends here. I knew with my journalism degree it was out of the question to start working for any Jacksonville stations. So while at three other smaller stations getting my experience over the years, I also kept an eye out for opportunities in Jacksonville. I finally saw an opening and took it.

Three years into my current job, there was a turning point that made me have an epiphany. On a slow news night, my manager spoke out in the newsroom that he hoped there would be a car crash and that children were hurt so we could have some breaking news and a lead story. I’ve never looked at him the same, and realized journalists are losing their integrity. I told myself I would never be that jaded and need to do more to help other journalists not be jaded as well. After a few days, I knew being a college professor in a journalism program was just the right avenue for me to keep those promises.

I plan to offer a variety of value to my future students. They will know they have a professor who is knowledgeable about the news business. They will also know they have a professor who has connections in a lot of news markets to help them possibly get jobs. I think the most important value I will offer is my sensitivity. I plan to teach them things not written in a textbook, like having integrity, and having compassion when you’re covering stories.

When I tell my own stories to my audience, I will offer compassion, sensitivity and understanding. If I’m reporting on tragedy, the audience is going to know this is a story I care about because it’s someone’s loved one. My audience will also know, I will report the facts and will guarantee unbiased, storytelling.